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Hashtag Believer Productions is an Indian film production company handling its media and entertainment business, founded in 2019. The key contents are films, web series, TVC, etc. As initial production the company has focused its efforts on documentary films based on social topic to transform the underprivileged situation of our society. The firm was founded by Kanchan Rawat an Indian documentary filmmaker. She started her career as Director & Producer with her first documentary film “Yuvaan – The Voice Of Youth”. The film is addressing the core issues and the potential of youth that are struggling in Rural Uttarakhand for their dreams and livelihood.

The firm supports and designs welfare projects for non governmental organizations for social welfare through filmmaking skills which can be seen in their first documentary “Yuvaan–The Voice Of Youth” that is being created for transforming underprivileged situations of rural uttarakhand and stimulating the complete development of the state.

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